Yes, that’s right. Today for lunch in hall, we had Swordfish.

It seemed rather strange to me as well when I checked the menu and found ‘Swordfish Steak with Chilli and Ginger,’ and yet when I stumbled into breakfast this morning all my friends were talking about it. (Give us a break, we’re students! We like food..) Perhaps a new age has dawned for the Trinity kitchens?
…let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I did take a photo of this feast (which, to be honest, wasn’t actually that great. This is England after all), but the photo is decidedly unappetising. So, here’s the trifle that was for dessert instead!


Speaking of food.. my food photography needs rather a lot of work. Last night as I attempted to make sense out of the idea of ‘nationalist violence and engendered politics of masculinity in the Middle East’ (I still don’t know what that means) I kept myself going by a wide variety of snacks, most of which took photos of. None are really noteworthy.

I did, however, attempt something which, I’m proud to say I tried. I failed, but did try. This was attempting to make myself a single cookie in the microwave. Something I don’t like about England, is I don’t have an oven. Finding one requires trekking. Which I can’t do when it’s late and I’m essaying. Hence, desperate times.

I googled the recipe, and assembled ingredients. Except I replaced egg whites with vegetable oil. Didn’t work. Lesson learned. Tasted good though!

I think that rambling about my food mis-adventures is probably not very interesting. I will try and vary my scope!

Ha, I spoke too soon. I was just attempting to make Mac & Cheese in the microwave. (again, grr microwave) and after lots of waiting and patient stirring (and only one overflow) I took my pasta out of the microwave and dropped the bowl. Yes, hot water on me, pasta on floor, bowl in pieces. Sad times.

But! I will not end on such a downer. Round 2 of Mac & Cheese: Success!


2 thoughts on “Swordfish

  1. next time, try a banana to replace eggs. it's a vegan baking trick!also… "Last night as I attempted to make sense out of the idea of 'nationalist violence and engendered politics of masculinity in the Middle East' (I still don't know what that means)" I think I know what this is. at least nationalist violence and engendered politics of masculinity make sense to me as separate ideas. i can see how they could interact… but throwing it all into the middle east makes it a lot harder to explain… 'cause i know nuttin' about the middle east's history/specifics about it currently other than… GO (people of) EGYPT! HOORAY (people of) YEMEN! and WAY TO GO (people of) TUNISIA! (the middle east's neighbor) woooooot!

  2. Banana, I will try it! I do actually vaguely know what this is about, I did have a class on it. But I am not a fan of anthropology in general. So much reading into things, I think it's a little abusrd.But yeah, it's certainly an exciting time to be a member of the human race!

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