While the US is getting hammered with snow, the flowers and sun are out in Cambridge! This really is just a fluke; I’m sure we’ll get our share of cold and nasty any day now. But, for the time being, it’s beautiful!

Took this on my way to class this afternoon

And on the way home


I realise that, conventionally, this is very bad photo. For some reason though, I kind of like it.

To sum it up, it is gorgeous!! No complaints here about British weather! I suppose these photos provide an interesting contrast with the picture I’ve used as header for the blog. I have spent rather a lot of time today fiddling with the settings and things I was trying to be seasonal, but just goes to show how variable England can be I guess..

Nothing else much exciting to report. Lots of rowing, pretty standard. I will probably end up writing a lot about rowing actually – I’m honestly surprised I’ve lasted this long without doing so. We did our first weights session today – true dedication!

Tomorrow morning I’m coaching one of the lower women’s crews. And when I say ‘coaching’ I actually mean coxing, because we don’t have enough coxes. Now, coxes are supposed to be little. I am very much not. It should be an interesting adventure, beginning with the non-trivial issue of fitting myself into the seat. I will bring along a camera, as this will be ridiculous and probably something that should never be repeated!


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