It’s Good to be a Historian

Something I love about England: free dinners. The Trinity College History Society (that is, everyone who’s studying history, undergrad and grad) hosts a dinner every year, paid for by the History Fellows’ entertainment allowances.

Strictly speaking I’m no longer a Trinity historian, but, my director of studies (abbreviated to DoS) from when I was a historian is lovely and invited me along anyway. It was especially fun because four of the original eight historians in my year are still in Cambridge, and were all able to come, so I got to catch up with all of them.

The dinner itself was amazing. We all met in my DoS’s room for pre-drinks (another amazing Cambridge phenomenon – your academic advisors give you free alcohol. quite often. I don’t complain). From there we moved to the Old Kitchens, and annoyingly I didn’t take a photo of those august surroundings. However, I’ll be there in another two weeks for another dinner so will get a snap then. The food was great (Trinity/England in general are sometimes capable of producing something edible. But they have to try quite hard).

Dessert was the famous Trinity Burnt Cream, and then (the most exciting part) a cheese course!! I love cheese.. And at these dinners they go round with the cheese plate, but then once everyone has been served they leave them on the table.. Mmm..

The problem with the good company was we sat there long after dinner was finished. And as long as there were cheese and biscuits on the table… I was eating them..

The party went on until 3.30am (apparently). Cambridge academics really know how to live it up. Three different wines at dinner, plus port, plus cheese, plus chocolate mints. It’s a good life.


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