Open Windows

The point of this rather unexciting image is to show that my window is open! I’m sitting at my desk with a nice breeze coming in, and gently ruffling the piles of paper and general crap that is all over my desk..

Actually, the longer I sit here, the more I realise it’s really not all that warm.. I’ll just go put on another layer, because the fresh air feels so good.

In other news, officially one more week left of term, and I can’t wait. The end of term is always ridiculously hectic, and I have so much work I need to finish before then.. (Hence, why I’m updating my blog.. It makes perfect sense.)

Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to London to spend the evening/Saturday with Mummy, who is over here for business!! Can’t wait to see her!

(Ok, it’s actually kind of chilly with the window open. Maybe I overestimated how warm it was. Boo.)


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