Well, Cambridge didn’t win the boat race. The series now stands in total 80 wins for Cambridge, 76 wins for Oxford. Although the result was a little disappointing, the whole day was great.

We met at the station Saturday around noon, and stocked up on edible goodies for the train. By ‘we’ I think there were about 12 of us travelling together, and we met more friends along the way. This time around, the ticket buying process was straightforward and we weren’t harassed by any angry people. Always a plus. We managed to get a compartment on the train literally all to ourselves, so spread out our food and settled in.

Yes, that is beer. I know people who like to start early. I should note, however, it was at least past noon by this point. The whole journey was fun, while I played paparazzi with my friends.

Through the tube, a quick stop for food, and a walk to the river. We settled down to eat and wait, and situated ourselves in front of one of the big screens.

We staked out a spot by the wall so that we’d be able to actually see some of the racing as it went by! Since we were there so early we got to hang around there for a while. Fortunately, it was relatively warm (and dry!) so was quite pleasant.

Edibles along the wall. That meat was actually pork tongue.. Not mine, I hasten to add.

We waited and slowly but surely the crowds grew and grew.

I got decked out in Cambridge blue..

The helicopters started circling..

People used every possible vantage point.. (Sadly, I even know these guys..)

And the first race came into sight!!

First view coming under Hammersmith Bridge, and our boys are down. This is the reserve race, Goldie (the Cambridge crew) vs. Isis (the Oxford crew). The guys in the Gold are Goldie. Surprise.

Things aren’t looking so great for the Light Blues..

The fleet that follows..

Between races some kind of James Bond boat went by..

We watched the rest of the race on the big screen, and sadly Isis won. Not be deflated, we turned our attention back to Hammersmith to wait for The Boat Race to come around the bend.

First view – see if you can spot the actual crews!

Here they come! Cambridge slightly behind.

But they were still in the game!

The fleet that follows..try and spot the Cambridge blue beanies, denoting old Blues who represented Cambridge in the Boat Race.

We watched the rest of the rest on the screen – although it was slightly obstructed..

After the race, we loitered for a while, watched the rest of the coverage on the big screen, and then headed back to the Tube to find a pub! We ended up going to Fleet Street, which is a lawyery, bankery district. Here are the Royal Courts of Justice.

View down Fleet Street, St. Paul’s Cathedral in the dark distance

The pub we found was perfect, old and creaky and cramped, just how I like. Of course, that means it was very dark, so no decent pictures. Just a snap of us proclaiming our loyalty!

So, although it wasn’t a great day for Cambridge, it was certainly fun. On Sunday, the rest of the university crews (Women, Women’s Reserve, Lightweight Women, Lightweight Men) raced in Henley, and put in a good effort for Cambridge.

Since then, I’ve been living in the library. On the upside, I stopped in the local library today, and stocked up on non-academic goodies for some brain recharging. I just finished the book I had been working on for a while (The Yacoubian Building – I recommend) and want something that is distinctly unrelated to my looming exams. Trashy historical fiction it is!


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