So the ‘getting there’ process was probably my easiest trip back to the States..ever. Like I said, I had a non-stop flight for the first time, so when I got off the plane that was it! Well, wasn’t quite it.. There was an absolutely massive customs queue, but I did my standard anti-social thing and just stuck my head in my book and ignored everything going on around me. Eventually made it through, and then found I had to recheck my bags and then re-collect them at the main baggage claim.. I still don’t understand this. Whatever. Also, I got up/left Cambridge at a civilised hour. Made a big difference to how I felt the whole trip (alive, in other words).

I was met by the parentals at the top of the escalator, and they promptly greeted me with a mini pre-Easter basket with food. I have excellent parents 🙂 (Blurry photo because I couldn’t be bothered to stop and let the camera focus).

Included gum, gummies, Silly Putty (for stress relief) and purple Peeps! Peeps! They are actually kind of disgusting, but.. I still eat them and love them. Why..? I don’t know.

Anwyay, we took the MARTA (the public transport train thingy) to Mom’s new apartment.

Strange that I was on the London Underground the day before. I always have a few days of disorientation – not because of jet lag, but because of how different when I am is from where I’ve come from, and how easy it is to get from one place to the other. Won’t get too existential – back to food.

We dropped my bags off at the apartment, and then walked literally next door to check out Mellow Mushroom Pizza. A funky place with a pretty delicious looking menu. I just noticed I failed to take a picture of the pizza. I was that eager to dig in.. I did manage to snap a shot of the pizza we got to split. It was better than this photo indicates.

The next day, Monday, I was ready to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. Dad and I walked down the street to Kroger, where I wandered around and oogled for a while (such abundance!! such variety!!) Mummy always knows best and had stocked up her pantry with a selection of literally all my favourites, so I only needed to get specifics for the pile of recipes I’ve been accumulating.

Day One baking adventures :

Savoury Greek muffins, with black olives, a bit of onion, and the occasional sprinkling of feta.

Second round: soft pretzels!

The delicious day continued with sushi for dinner.

Right behind the sign for the restaurant was this gem. Ah, the South.

One of the things I never really eat while I’m in Cam is sushi.. too expensive, not enough substance. However, when I’m with the’s usually the first thing I ask for when I’m home. (That, and Mexican).

We started with Kalamari (an essential).

Seaweed salad, another staple.

And the Sushi itself! After a lot of snacking on my goodies, I wasn’t hugely hungry, but this was still delicious.

The next morning, I got started early, right after hitting the gym in the apartment complex.

Blueberry Muffins a la Betty Crocker. Betty knows what she’s doing. Delicious.

Dad and I had a morning jaunt to Starbucks for some internet and caffeine.

Afternoon baking success as well:

Wheat Thins! These taste just like the real thing, and are completely delicious. Mmm.

Mom and I decided to stay in for dinner, and walked to Kroger for some more tasties. Pretty scenery.

The British section of Kroger. Heh.


Dinner was our take on this rather delicious recipe – pasta with asparagus and lemon.

Looks appetising in the flourescent light, no? Well, it was.

Day three in Atlanta (today) and the culinary adventures continue.

We woke up slightly late this morning, and I drove mom to work, came home and needed something sweet. Thus, peanut butter cookies. Found an easy recipe, and they were delicious.

I have literally eaten half the batch. Note the gaps on the trays. And this was while they were still hot.. Peanut butter for breakfast is healthy right? :s Blergh.

Post breakfast binge, I decided to attempt something I’ve wanted to make for a while, but have been limited by my lack of electric mixer. Not keen to beat egg whites into stiff peaks by hand. I wanted to make Macaroons. And used this excellent step by step guide. Despite a number of rather basic errors, something vaguely passable resulted.

For one thing, I think I actually beat the eggs to much, as I ended up with quite a few pointy pieces. Plus, the almond meal I used had the skins as well, so they didn’t look very pretty. Plus, the jam I used for the filling didn’t quite.. mix in.. I’m not sure.. but! These look cute, right?

The colours are..distinctly off. Not sure why, as I used more food colouring than the recipe calling for and although the egg whites looked nice and pink, these don’t. But the filling is purple? Oh whatever. They taste surprisingly nice.

Ok ok, I know they look nothing like macaroons. In fact, when I stepped back to look at this scene I actually laughed out loud. There is something kind of endearing about their ridiculousness though.. They really are ludicrous.

It was a fun attempt..

Anyway, that’s all for now. Further foodie adventures on the cards for tonight as we meet up with family friends. I’m sure I’ll have recovered from my current state of food coma by then!


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