Edible Atlanta

I’ve been in Atltana now since Sunday night, and pretty much everything I’ve done has involved eating. Story of my life I suppose.

On Wednesday, however, I ventured out of the apartment, and drove to Norcross, which, as it turns out, is a lovely little town along a railroad. My destination was actually this place:

A British store! I just went in to have a look – it’s strange how what’s found in every corner shop over there is a novelty here.

I walked down the street to look for a coffee shop, and found one without any trouble.

Had a coffee and did a bit of work while watching the trains go by.

A train!

I went to pick up Mummy at work, and we drove to our favourite Sushi place, Mori House. A side note: on Wednesday, I drove on four separate streets all named some variety of Peachtree. Creativity at its finest. Anyway, this is now my second trip to Atlanta, and my second trip to Mori House. So, so, soo delicious.

A pretty thorough effort.

Thursday continued with more baking adventures. I started the day with whole wheat fig newtons.

Our lack of a food processor meant this was a slightly chunkier interpretation, but they still taste delicious.

In the afternoon I explored local coffee offerings, and walked down the street to Library Coffee Co. The place had library in its name, it had to be good!

It was good, and a really easy walk from Mom’s apartment. Plus, there was a Greek flag right outside!

Now off to the airport for a weekend jaunt to Vermont.. Hopefully I’ll be able to internet from the hotel!


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