Here we go again

I think it’s about time I try and bring my blog back to life.
But so much has happened! How to even begin?
My plan for the summer was to come home, work a bit, cook a lot and take pictures of everything. The first two have happened, the last two really haven’t. At all. And I’m now about halfway through my summer at home. Oops.
Anyway, since I last posted I have probably had the best two weeks of my life, and received a degree on top of it all.

I’ve come back to Cleveland, where my family has successfully moved out of our big house into an apartment.
I’ve started working downtown at a real estate development firm – taking the train to work and walking around the city during lunch.
I’ve helped out with the Greek dancing group twice a week.
I have actually done some cooking and baking, but what I’ve failed to do is document things.
In about a month, I’m going to be on way to Athens, to begin my next adventure – a one year teaching fellowship. Even if I fail to bring my blog back to life this summer – it will definitely be revived for Greece!


Stay tuned!


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