Further Pittsburgh Adventures

I left off my photo tour in the aquarium of Pittsburgh Zoo. Side note – I love zoos! I feel like I should kind of dislike them, the whole animals-in-little-enclosures thing, but I just find it really difficult. Seeing the animals makes me happy, what can I say. If this makes me a bad person in some way, fine.

Case in point – penguins!

Please excuse the shoddy photos. They were still adorable.

Otters!! They were just too adorable…

From the zoo, we headed back into the city to try and find somewhere to eat. Having no idea where we were, we decided it’d be wise to simply follow the street we were on until we were closer to downtown. Fortunately for us, we seemed to be on rather a central street, and happened upon not only a lot of scenic old buildings, but also a hopping ethnic/foodie/retail district.

We soon found out this area was called ‘The Strip’ – it looked to be an old industrial area.

I spied an interesting looking church, so had to stop and check it out. It ended up being Polish ‘St Stanislaus Kotska.’

We were in for a surprise though – as excited as I was to see the doors open, I didn’t expect to see this when we peeked in! Julia and I creeped outside for a moment and observed a very special random moment.

We also happened upon a chocolate shop – it’s like they knew we were coming. If one has time + money + calories to spare, I highly recommend this place. Mon Aimee Chocolat had more chocolate than I have ever seen in my life – or at least more interesting and different kinds. Somehow we both walked out without anything. No idea how we managed it..

I was pretty excited by this table of imported English goodies – Julia just told me I’d been away too long.

We cruised up and down the street looking for something edible. Julia recalled a smoothie place, so we had that as a vague destination, but encountered a variety of everything as we meandered.

We reached our destination – Prestogeorge Cafe – which ended up being much more than smoothies. (Side note – smoothies weren’t great. Not sure what was in there except a lot of ice and some flavoring. Julia & I were both satisfied though – she had Peaches and Cream, and I Raspberry).

I was personally much more excited by an incredible selection of tea. Again, all my self control came into play here – probably helped by the distraction of my smoothie. Still, this was a great place to browse, and if I’m ever back in P-burgh with a serious need for tea, this will be my go-to stop!

In the back of the shop we discovered the very vintage, very heavy duty coffee grinder – and obviously some beans!

Smoothies quickly inhaled, we continued to browse for a while, until Julia decided she wanted another smoothie. So back we went for a second round. I opted out in favour of visiting a Mediterranean grocery we walked by on the way to smoothies. I enjoyed browsing, and left with a cheese pie. Unpictured due to quick inhalation.

Back over the bridge, and Julia dropped off at hotel. We said goodbye and I hit the road again!

Overall, it was completely random and excellent reunion. It was very odd being in our continent, but also still not really knowing where we were. Still fun though!


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