A Family Affair

It goes without saying that Greece is a great place to visit – hopefully my blog will eventually reveal much of what the country has to offer. I, however, am probably the luckiest girl around because a) I’m not just here for a visit and b) I have a pretty excellent family here to feed me, take care of me and generally show me the ropes.

My cousin’s birthday was on Monday, so I headed out to Kifissia to join them for a celebration. The party was pretty low key, with close friends and family, but the food certainly was not.

We had (starting at the bottom, and going clockwise) Shrimp Saganaki (divine), a kind of cold chicken salad, a zucchini and feta thing, an eggplant pie, and there was a tomato/cheese tart peeking out of the right corner of the photo.

The pièce de résistance, however, was what my cousin requested instead of a cake. This is a giant Ntako – a Cretan salad made with hard crusty bread on the bottom, and then feta, tomatoes, olive oil, olives/capers on top. The juices soak down into the bread and it is absolutely amazing.

But this really doesn’t translate into a cake, right? Wrong. Aunt is creative, and used a soft (I think goat’s) cheese to create an outer layer over the bread and tomatoes. This was delicious, and there is in fact some of it sitting in my fridge right now. (They sent me home with a pretty significant pile of food.)

So the family feeds me well – that much is obvious. Bu they also take me on adventures. This afternoon we are heading to the island of Spetses for the reenactment of an 1821 battle from the War of Independence. The Spetsiote fleet torched the Turkish fleet, and every year on the anniversary of the battle (technically the 8th, but that wasn’t a weekend..) there is a gigantic celebration with a reenactment of a ship getting blown up! Should be an exciting thing to see – and I will of course share photos when I get back!


4 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. Mary Marangos says:

    Nice ~ loved Dakos / Ntakos / koukouvagia while in Kpntn ~ I want to say it is originally from Crete, but am sure many islands have their own version, made with
    ~ rye bread husks (dry rye country style bread with ) (wet them a bit so easier to chew)
    ~ ripe tomatoes
    ~ olive oil
    ~ and in Crete with Anthotyri (instead of Feta)

    Amazing..if you are ever in Crete one of the things to try there…when it’s all local products nothing like it!! Also other favorites from Crete local yogurt, with local honey and walnuts (served as a dessert) The local yogurt is tangier from goat / sheeps milk and ohhh so good they sell it in little clay pots locally…Other dishes that are my favorites were a rabbit stew (i know this may not seem appetizing but Michael Simons version on LoLa’s menu was nothing compared to what I had in Crete)…and last but not least “KOHLOIOUS” local snails (I prefered them in a red sauce)….I know it’s adventurous, I would recomend trying the local specialties wherever you find yourself and always go with whatever is in season..~BTW I am dreaming of figs right now as I know they are in season there…~ enough of my rambling for now ~ENJOY KATIE!!!

    • Amazing comment Maria, thank you! I am so in love with Dakos, even the canteen at school offers a version for lunch!
      Crete is definitely on my agenda – any idea of when the best time of year for a visit is? Probably not at the height of the summer I expect.. Anyway, I will try everything, and your suggestions sound fantastic!
      I have already eaten more figs than is decent.. and tomatoes..and feta..etc etc 🙂

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