Scenes from the First Few Weeks

By now, it seems a bit silly to recap the first day of school, etc., so instead I’ll post some glimpses of the early days as a teaching fellow, when everything was (literally) warm and sunny!

On the first day of school, we had a blessing on the the steps of the building. Not in Kansas anymore!

One of our responsibilities in the Middle School is a monthly bulletin board. Here we have September-in-process, September completed, and October.

Rusty Rustopoulos – one of my aunt and uncle’s crazy cats.

And glimpses of the considerably less fortunates kitties that live beneath my apartment  building.

A sampling of the delicious things that have been consumed at school. Not a bad job at all!

A rather pretty place to work as well..

And a sampling of other edible goods..

And a sunset 🙂


2 thoughts on “Scenes from the First Few Weeks

  1. Lee says:

    I love your updates! They are informative and witty and make me feel closer to what you are experiencing, let alone the smile they bring to my face. Miss you!

  2. Julia says:

    1. Why are there no little rowers in your bit of the bulletin board? This is obviously your defining quality. 🙂
    2. I read some of the ingredients to your October bubbling pot as ‘GIN’, please get me out of Cambridge.
    3. The kittens are adorable.


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