An Interlude

First of all, thank you to everyone who has responded so positively to my last post (even though it was ages ago). This article in the Guardian included a link to my blog, so also a welcome to everyone who made there way here via there.

Second, I apologise for a long absence – I’ve just come back to Athens after two weeks travelling in Israel & Jordan. I’m also off tomorrow for almost a week on the island of Naxos. The most important thing this means is that there will be lots of photos coming soon. But… not yet.

Also though, this time away from Greece was in a way refreshing. When I got back to Athens and went onto my veranda, I took a deep breath and realised how much I love it here. Back at work on Monday though, and I remembered that Greece is exhausting these days. It took a trip away for me to really see how much of a toll the constant uncertainty is taking on people. Even if employed, there is no real pause in the bad news. Greece seems to have left the European headlines (for now) but when living here it’s more difficult to escape.

Elections are coming up in a little more than a week, and this is only making things more confusing, at least for me. I can in theory vote and also in theory I want to. But… where to even begin? A friend sent me a helpful link designed to be informative. With 29 parties in the running though, it’s a bit daunting. It is hard to be optimistic that elections will change anything when politicians are so intrinsically distrusted.

Despite the pessimism, I’m finding it difficult to get too bogged down in thoughts of the future. For one thing, Athens is gorgeous right now. Warm and sunny, but not hot or humid. The wildflowers are prolific, birds chirping all day, and the sun setting after 8.30. The promise of spring is pervasive and just enough to distract me.

Although I’m leaving tomorrow, I will try and post a continuation of the snippets of my students’ letters that appeared in The Guardian back in March. As happy as I (and they) were to see them online, there was a lot that wasn’t published. Stay tuned for more.


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