‘The majority of Greek people is blameless’

(the first in a series of letters written by my students to foreign newspaper editors about their view of the Greek crisis)

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Greece for the past thirteen years of my life. The last three years, I have noticed that the situation has been getting harder and harder. People lose their jobs, their houses and are forced to live in misery or leave for foreign countries which are economically stronger. In this way, Greece loses some of its greater minds and scientists, while the government seems stuck and unable to help the country overcome its problems and set firm, economical and political principles. Unfortunately, while it cannot be denied that various governments have been responsible for the huge debt of Greece, the majority of Greek people is blameless and has become the main victims in this crisis.

It is also misleading to foreigners to see images of violence in the streets when in fact this is due to the media policy of filming the worst scenes; even though they may be isolated. It is well known that only violent pictures can be sold to newspapers.

It is sad that most interviews are not taken from people who still feel optimistic about the recovery of Greece. This includes the vast majority of the population who realize that mistakes have been made and are ready to help their country and compatriots overcome their problems. These people are paying their taxes, they are accepting various wage cuts, they are paying increased prices and try to help their country by not making matters worse.

Greece is fortunate enough to still have a tourist industry. Hotels are booked up for the summer by Greek and foreigners who still love our beaches and hospitality.

Concluding, everyone has to understand that the economic crisis is a global crisis which affects each and every European country. Many are in difficulties but it was Greece’s misfortune to be chosen as the scapegoat.



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