‘Greece deserves help’

(The second in a series of letters written by my students to a foreign newspaper editor)

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you about the true situation in Greece at the moment. To begin with, in Greece (and probably everywhere as far as a crisis has occurred) there are three types of people. Firstly, there’s a group of people,  that sit in their warm homes, criticize and complain about everything. This group consists mainly of rich people that aren’t really affected by the economic problems of our country. Then, there are the riots, a minority that is involved in fights with the police. The situation isn’t as bad as presented by the media, as the riots are a menace only for a relatively small area in the center of Athens. About the third group of people…they are the most considerate, those who try to explain the problem to people worldwide, which aren’t really aware of how things are here in Greece. Personally, I want to belong to this certain group, so I do everything I can to inform foreign people and motivate them   to help in any possible way. Because Greece doesn’t only face the huge problem of unemployment, but other problems too, equally severe,  such as the risen taxes and the extremely low incomes. At this point, I feel obliged to mention that Greece deserves help. Ever since the 18th century B.C., and until Constantinople was occupied by the Turks, Greece has been the center of cultural development. Ancient Greek scientists lead the way to astonishing conclusions and discoveries, and were the first to study the world we live in. For centuries, Greece (ancient Greece, Byzantium) was the biggest power worldwide, although it occasionally had to overcome serious crises.  In my opinion, we succeed again, of course with the help of other European members. Finally, we mustn’t forget the damage Germany caused to Greece during World War 2.  Of course I am not saying that innocent civilians’ lives can be traded with money…

Yours sincerely,




2 thoughts on “‘Greece deserves help’

  1. eirlys says:

    Thanks so much for letting us share these students’ letters. They are wonderfully written. I just hope these talented youngsters get their chance in life!

    You are also doing a great job to try and put across the Greek situation in an honest and more positive way than the horrible news stories we are exposed to. In my experience the Greeks are a brave, valiant, warm and welcoming people who in no way deserve their present woes.

    I wish there was more we could do outside Greece to show our support, Well done for all your efforts, and keep going!

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