‘the Greeks have been misrepresented’

(the third in a series of letters written by my students about the way they see life in Greece right now)

Dear Editor,

Greece has been in the spotlight of the media around the world for the past two years due to its economic crises. Undoubtedly though, the media have been presenting these crises from different perspectives but mainly in an exaggerated way.

To begin with the economic situation in Greece has caused problems to most of its citizens but not to all. It is true that Greece has borrowed billions of euros from the European Union. As a result people have lost their jobs; other have move abroad, some have even lost their  houses because they couldn’t afford to pay their personal loans to the banks. In addition, salaries have been lowered and prices have risen. The media however, present the situation in a misleading way showing us that all Greeks are suffering because they are lazy. But the truth is that some people are managing well as they work very hard and haven’t been greatly affected by the crises so far.

Furthermore it is the people who haven’t truly felt the consequences of the economic crises and demonstrated peacefully several times in the centre of Athens. However, the media focused on the people who burned and vandalized Athens giving the impression that the demonstrators where the ones involved. The media exaggerated by showing only the riots and the fires, so people abroad thought that Greece was being destroyed.

Clearly the media have played a very important role in forming people’s opinions. Unfortunately, the Greeks have been misrepresented and their reputation has been damaged. Do the media have the right to go beyond the boundaries of objective reporting?

Yours sincerely,





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