‘We will overcome this crisis’

(The fourth in a series of letters written by my students about their view of the current situation in Greece).

Dear Mr Editor,

The news of the crisis are constantly around us through the media so it is hard not to think about it. Many people all over the world talk about Greece and that our country is in danger.

It is true that things in Greece are bad. I am a resident of the northern suburbs so I don’t know everything that’s going on since I don’t live in the center. However, I have some knowledge about what is happening and I would like to inform you what living in Greece right now is like.

Firstly, there are many Greek homeless people. I discovered that, when I went to the center of town to visit a museum with my class. In addition, I hear from everyone saying that unemployment has tripled, people are leaving the country to find work but that does’t happen only in Greece. Furthermore, businesses and shops are shutting down. As you can see, things are bad in our country and it won’t be easy for us to get out of this crisis.

However, sometimes people exaggerate and talk about Greece as if it is completely ruined and that there’s no way we can be saved. That is not true and unfair towards us. I’d like the rest of the world to know that we Greeks are proud of our nation. I’m sure that we will overcome this crisis since we are hard-working and persistent and we don’t give up easily. Our country is still a wonderful place for tourism with breathtaking views, museums and sights and of course a place where democracy and civilization began.

Yours sincerely,



One thought on “‘We will overcome this crisis’

  1. Eirlys says:

    Well said, Tetty! You are quite right, Greece is still a beautiful place with wonderful people. We need to read some positive remarks like yours. good luck

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