‘help us stand on our own feet’

(The sixth in a series of letters written by my students about their view of life in Greece today – written before the recent elections).

Dear Sir,

People that don’t live in Greece, probably have a completely wrong idea about how life has been here for the past few years. Of course, pictures that show buildings burning down are not fake. In fact, these photos were taken in the center of Athens. The situation where outrageous and violent people are protesting on the streets and are burning old houses down is really dangerous and out of control. These actions take place only in the center of Athens.

For example, my life hasn’t changed a lot and I can assure you that I’m not in danger. I live in Filothei and the school where I go is 10 minutes away so there haven’t been any changes in my life. I get up, go to school by car and get back home, without any safety problems. Furthermore, during the weekends I hang out with my friends as I always have. I should inform you that I have noticed some serious problems such as people loosing their jobs and being in great despair. I’ve also heard that there are lots of homeless people living on the streets in the center. Things have been tight and hard for lots of families.

But, honestly, if people believe they are helping the situation by humiliating and throwing the blame on the Greeks, well then this is an illusion. Right now Greece needs the other countries to help us stand on our own feet and make some reasonable changes.




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