‘Greece will find a way to overcome’

(This is the seventh in a series of letters my students wrote about their view of life in Greece today – before the recent elections!)

Dear Editor,

I’ve been living in Greece since I was born. In fact, I live in the centre ofAthens, so I actually know first-hand what’s going on. I can see the difference between now and the beginning of the economic crisis and I know that as time passes, the situation is getting worse.

However, bad things have happened here in Greece lately. For example, new laws have been passed, which include more serious measures and also fees that are not affordable for most of the people. So, because of that, there are some people who have reacted immediately: they’ve burned buildings, they’ve held demonstrations and due to their actions the centre ofAthenshas been destroyed. Additionally, all the above happen only in a specific area and of course not in the whole country as it’s been insinuated by the media. I would also like to say thatGreece’s reputation has been libeled. People outside the country think that the situation here is unbearable: like we are in a war zone. So, I want to assure you that this is not true.

Finally, I think that Greece should not be humiliated. I believe that no matter what, Greece will find a way to overcome the problems that we’re now facing and that we’ll get through this difficult time.

Yours sincerely,



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