‘Greece has a positive side’

Dear Mr. Editor,

I am writing you this letter expressly to point out some exaggerations that the international media posts about Greece. I am only a young school boy but in my 13 years of life in Greece little things have changed and the whole of Greece has not turned “upside down” as your newspaper portrays my home country in multiple articles. The media does not look at the bright side of Greece. You only look at the low class people that three years ago made their money by the skin of their teeth and now have collapsed. The Greek homeless people have multiplied in the last years and that is what you use, as foreign media, to cover the entire Greek crisis story.

But there is more to it. It is my opinion that the world should know about the true situation in Greece. There are classes that have not been majorly affected by this widespread but centered in Greece economical crisis. The high and middle level society have their misgivings about their future but at the moment their lives go on as usual They may have to cut down on their outdoor repasts or their outdoor activities but they still enjoy life as it is and hold their heads high for the difficult time ahead.

I can also say that most children have not felt the change that you present in their families economical budget. They are content with what they have. They have the necessary food and apparel, they still go to school and as long as Santa comes at Christmas with a gift the children do not fell a major change in their life.

I understand rioting is a major factor with which you demote Greece and make your gullible readers believe whatever you say. If there is a video of a burning house it will contain that and only that and not the part where a few meters away you can see the stars glowing in the clear blue sky. You support that Greece will become one of those countries that declare war against their authorities. But no. Maybe rioting is not the cleverest way to protest but the Greeks are only trying to pass on a message to their government that something is not right. Also, you make it look like the whole of Greece is out burning houses, shops, garbage disposals and bus stations when the amount of rioters is the minority of Greece.

One more thing. Have you ever thought that England, Germany, France, the U.S.A. and the other big nations with the advice you gave Greece in the first place led this country into the state it is now? I think that people ought to know that the big nations induced Greece to listen to them and obey them. And now look where we are. Still taking advice from the “Good advisors” for no other reason because at this time we have nowhere else to turn. We have not got the choice to recede from the big international forces.

What I have been trying to tell you in all this letter is that Greece has a positive side. You can start becoming less gainful on stories that picture the negative side of Greece and more gainful in articles that show the world that this ancient

Our country is still standing firmly on its feet. From what I have understood you have expended all your stories about “Bad Greece” but none about “Good Greece”. For your aid, if you consider my advice, I am willing to provide you with a blog called Kali Ellada containing positive things about Greece right now. So please consider my advise and chose not to demote my fellow citizens but help people understand the situation that really exists in this wonderful country. Even though I am a 13 year old I believe I know better about my fellow citizens than the international media journalists in this country that change the real story into a tragedy.

Yours sincerely,



4 thoughts on “‘Greece has a positive side’

  1. eirlys says:

    I would like to comment on all the posts from the school children: it is wonderful to read such reasoned, intelligent and caring comments from people so young. Surely Greece can have a great future if its young people are like these!
    Thank you so much for posting such positive things, we all need to hear about the other side of Greece these days.
    And thank you, kids, for all your courage and good sense. I wish you all the very best and hope that a few years from now all this will just be a bad memory, and that you will have a bright future. Here’s to Greece and the Greeks!

      • eirlys says:

        You deserve a much bigger audience than that! I think you are doing a fantastic job, both teaching those great kids and communicating about Greece.

        My own students have just finished the academic year, but maybe in September I will give them your students’ letters to study – they are studying for a master in translation but many of them cannot write English as well as your 13 year olds! They might be inspired to write something positive about their country too (Morocco).

        More generally, I love your other posts too. Your personality and love for Greece come across so well. I have only visited Athens twice (this year and last) but I loved it and its people so much, I can’t bear to watch what is happening to them.

        Please keep up the good work and I hope you can find a much wider audience! It is so important to counteract the very negative and exaggerated pictures being put about by the European media, as your students have understood so well.

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