‘we deserve another chance’

(continuation of the series of letters written by my students about their lives in Greece)

Dear Mr Editor,

I’m writing to you to express my views on the current situation in Greece.

I am an 8th grade student, and in my every day life I don’t experience the chaos and violence portrayed in the media. However, we are constantly bombarded with propaganda either from the point of view of the public or that of the government and foreign agencies.

Life in Greece has changed dramatically for many people over the last year or so.

Children can feel their parent’s anxiety even if parents try to keep it hidden. Everyone has been affected in one way or another , whether it be by the loss of a job, unemployment, the reduction of pensions, the increase in taxation. Poor people seem to have been penalized more than the rich and this is one of the reasons for the protests and violence we see on the news and in newspapers.

I think that people in other countries should know that the new generation, of which I belong, considers Greece to have a great future, free from corruption. So that’s why I think we deserve another chance.

Yours sincerely,



One thought on “‘we deserve another chance’

  1. eirlys says:

    Of course you deserve your chance, Alexia, and I am sure you will get it. With young people like you and your classmates, Greece has a treasure worth more than euros. Keep communicating, working and learning – Greece will be proud of you!

    Thanks for your great post.

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