‘It seems catastrophic here in Greece’

(another letter from the work of my students about their life in Greece)

Dear editor,

In the past few years a lot has changed. My life, my everyday routine is the same but my parents, they seem different. They try to hide it but I’ve heard them talk and I’ve noticed that my mother is concerned about my father. He is an architect and it is hard to find clients who want to build during this crisis. He had to close down his office and now works in the basement. My mother has a full time job but still makes time for us.

I have seen the news and it seems catastrophic here in Greece. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs. Everyday, I see stores shutting down and homeless people begging in the streets. On the contrary, some people have managed to keep it together and carry on living a normal life. The media tends to exaggerate on the situation here and this in my opinion leads to other countries thinking that we are inferior.

Even though we are going through a crisis and so many people are suffering, I personally have not been really affected. I still get up in the morning, take the bus and go to school during the week. I go out with my friends and have fun at the weekends and go on holiday with my family.

Yours sincerely.



3 thoughts on “‘It seems catastrophic here in Greece’

  1. eirlys says:

    Thanks, Mina, for your wise and interesting letter. I wish you and your parents all the best and hope that things will soon look better for you all, and that you will have a great future, as you deserve.

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