Over the last few days I’ve been languishing in the Athenian heat and stressing out about the upcoming Greek elections. I had just resolved to post some photos of the island of Naxos, cleverly avoiding the immediate topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind, when I heard music coming in through the balcony.

I got up to look outside and realised it was coming from the schoolyard around the corner – a group of kids singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ The academic year is winding down and schools are closing, not in a state of grimness and depression, but with performances and skits. Kids are excited to share what they’ve learned this year and even more excited to get to the beach.

Further in the spirit of avoiding the uncertainty of what Greece will look like on Monday morning, here are a couple of photos from my recent trip to Naxos with my aunt. More to come eventually!




4 thoughts on “Naxos

  1. eirlys says:

    Lovely pics! Greece is still as beautiful as ever!
    Will be thinking of you all on Sunday and hoping things turn out for the best…

  2. Laurie Poseidon says:

    Seems a long time ago, but nice to remember how beautiful and relatively cool it was! Ah, spring!

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