Cambridge Sights

Hello world! Forgive my brief absence – I was in the middle of exams. They are finished now though, so I’m sharing some photos I took a few weeks ago in Cambridge. I went back to receive my MA – basically a graduation ceremony without doing any work. I have yet to find a way to explain this phenomenon because it is basically inexplicable.

According to the university website, ‘In most UK universities, the Master of Arts is a degree awarded by examination. At Cambridge, the MA is conferred by right on holders of the BA degree of the University and on certain other senior members and is not available as a postgraduate qualification.’ (Oxford and the University of Dublin also follow the same pattern). Wikipedia describes the history and rationale of the whole thing – it basically derives from the tradition that most people studied for an MA, and received a BA on the way. Though this changed in the early 1800s, Oxbridge apparently didn’t feel compelled to break with tradition. 🙂

Weird though it may be, it was a wonderful excuse to head back up to Cambridge for a mini-reunion, and it is beautiful as always.

IMG_5345 IMG_5361 IMG_5344 IMG_5376 IMG_5375This place never gets old



2 thoughts on “Cambridge Sights

  1. Lee says:

    Beautiful pictures ! It seems that it has not changed one bit from the time we visited for the first time, which will forever be imprinted in my mind. Transcending time should be expected from such a place I suppose. Having accompanied you mostly from afar during your time there and through annual visits I have developed such great affinity and feel such connection to this place and to your experiences and many friends. Thanks for bringing it all back!

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