Around Athens in June

just a few shots from Athens life

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset


10 thoughts on “Around Athens in June

  1. Maria Marangos says:

    Love these and what a lovely surprise Katie ~ the actual shop our dance groups Evzones costumes & shoes were purchased from ~ the memories of those very early AM phone calls placing those initial orders way back in the day 😉 ~ Olympia, Constance and I started with just two boys expressing interest in joining the group and the number was up to 13 by the time our tenure ended 5 years later.

    • What a connection – thanks for sharing with me! I will think of you and the dancers every time I pass by there now – though it looks to me like it’s closed. I hope it still exists in some form!

    • Maria Marangos says:

      They also had a second location ~εργοστάσιο~ where the costumes were made ~ The black & gold girls Macedonian costumes were also purchased there ~ ohh the dilemma over those fur hats, they originally came with a cone piece as well to symbolize more of a helmet 😉 ~ if you ever find them open you should take a peak inside…Love all your posts & hope you are enjoying your summer!!

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