My Happy Place

Lake Dunmore, Vermont

I’m now back in Athens, but still thinking of this dreamy place.



8 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. sally says:

    I really enjoy seeing your “happy place” — and where you find it. It looks like that locale would make many of us happy. Thanks for sharing. It makes me curious to know whether most of us find “happy” in the outdoors of nature, in the cities or just anywhere, as long as it is within. I’d choose trees, mountains, water, and scenic vistas vs. any urban setting. Of course, it takes a peace within also (or ability to find it).

    • An interesting question. I usually feel happy enough in the city, and then I go up to Vermont, and am reminded how much I love it there. It’s good for me in a different way I think!

  2. As much as I love life in the city, I think the places that give this sense of peace and contentment are usually out in nature: trees, water and the sky. What I am reminded of by looking at this is how lucky we are to know different landscapes intimately and to feel so attached to them. Could one choose between Tinos and Montana? Both are part of my landscape, and their difference adds to the ephemerality of their beauty and tranquility for me. I cherish the fact that I have “adopted” very different places.

    • Well said Theia! Sometimes I feel a little schizophrenic because of the diversity of my favourite places, but both Tinos and Vermont definitely qualify as my ‘happy place(s)’

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