Travelogue: Poseidonio Hotel, Spetses

This hotel is a major personality on the island of Spetses. It’s figured prominently in my own posts, and dominates the waterfront. It also figures in our family mythology – my grandmother used to stay in the room on the first floor, on the right side above the door. Every time we pass the hotel my aunt mentions it, and I like that sense of continuity, especially as the Poseidonio celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year.


I’ve never stayed here, but have enjoyed the view from the veranda, as well as taken a stroll through the lobby area on the ground floor. In addition to gorgeous decor, the hotel displays a guest book from the 1930s, which includes guest information, their meal orders as well as their drinks of choice. (Lots of beer and mixed drinks, not so much wine!) P9102812The hotel was built in 1914, as part of the effort of mainly one individual to transform a traditional maritime community into a lush and luxurious island escape for Athenians. Those visitors needed a place to stay, of course, and the Poseidonio was built in the style of Cannes or Nice. It is still a destination, and well-deserving of its reputation. The choice of name isn’t bad either.


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