Around Athens in January

What a month. I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go, though it flew by a little fast for me. Some highlights from the first month of what will be, I’m sure, an ‘interesting’ year: I celebrated New Years in Greece for the first time this year, eating plenty of vasilopita (though without finding the lucky coin..), did a lot of wandering around a rainy and chilly city, and enjoyed some unseasonably warm days too. Time, though not enough, with friends and family, and an adventure to a botanic garden near Athens that I will devote a full post to later. Though things sometimes feel like they are spinning a little out of control, overall there’s a lot going well in my little microcosm – lots of be grateful for, but ready for February!

2017-01-01 15.08.33-1

Aunt’s incredible new year’s table

2017-01-02 17.19.41-1

A Christmas tree in the wild! 

2017-01-02 17.09.53

Sunset over Athens, view from Ymittos

2017-01-20 10.36.11

Kolonaki views

2017-01-06 10.45.52-1

Stumbled upon a procession for Epiphany.. 

2017-01-06 10.44.06-1

2017-01-08 16.14.15-2

Brunch at Zampano!

2017-01-08 15.53.01-1


Still pinching myself that I walk past these sights everyday.. 

Vasilissis Sophias

2017-01-09 21.50.11-1

Snow in Athens! 

2017-01-10 07.57.38-1

Waking up to a snow-covered city.

2017-01-10 14.45.27-1

Snowman invasion in the National Gardens

2017-01-10 14.49.08-1


A rainy night in Monastiraki

2017-01-21 12.58.55

Summarises January pretty accurately I think

2017-01-15 14.22.46-1

New yummy discoveries in Koukaki – Fabrica tou Efrosinou

Women's March, Athens

Athens’ representation for the Women’s March on Washington

Women's March, Athens

Women's March, Athens

Women's March, Athens


2017-01-07 19.31.34-1

Adventures in cyber land at ‘Hybrids,’ Onassis Cultural Centre

2017-01-07 14.54.45-1

An adventure to the Attica Plant Park – stay tuned! 


Evening Kolonaki colours


Rain rain.. 

2017-01-15 13.53.01-1

Not all grey skies! 


End of the month walk along the sea


Alimos Bay

Sea Alimos

Happy February! 


4 thoughts on “Around Athens in January

  1. S/Seattle says:

    Such a perfect way to see Greece from Washington state! Beautiful scenery, table of finery of a long-time friend, protests in support of women, weather photographs, and a beautiful beginning to February.

  2. says:

    Katie, I so enjoy your blog! It lets me view Greece once again, yet from your photographic perspective.

    Answer, if you have time or interest in doing so. The epiphany procession… why are military alongside — protection or just there as “normal?”

    “Boom.” What a statement!

    If I wanted to place one of your photos on my wall at home, do you sell them? I love your last photo — “Happy February.”

    Good wishes to you for the new year. Sally

    • Thank you Sally! Your comment made my day!

      Good question about epiphany – my best answer is that since there is no separation between church and state, it’s very common for the military to be involved in ‘national’ holidays such as Epiphany (we had a day off!). The same is also true at Easter – processionals are often accompanied by military guys – not protection, just there to walk along as well!
      That is also so kind of you about the photos, I am honoured! I haven’t thought to sell them but I suppose I could. I’d be happy to send you the file for any that you like, though many are of iPhone quality and probably won’t look good if blown up too big! If you’d like, you can have a look at my Flickr page ( and see if there is anything there? Many of them are higher quality from my dSLR!

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