Well, this month is moving right along, eh? (I’m trying to be cool about it!) Here’s some of what I got up to this week:


The ‘untranslatable’ emotions you never knew you had, BBC
One positive point for globalisation: maybe it can help us expand our emotional vocabulary? (But where is the Greek ‘kefi’?)

A To-Do List for Today and Every Day, Mari Andrew, via Cup of Jo

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down, Motherboard
A serious must-read ; analysis of big data, collected from Facebook, etc., used in both the ‘Leave’ campaign in the UK and Trump’s campaign.

Advice to my Younger Self, Cup of Jo
In keeping with my New Year ‘non-resolutions’ to be a little more relaxed and focused in the present, this advice is reassuring. I especially loved Michelle Obama’s comments.

How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World, Thrive Global
I’ll listen to almost anything Arianna Huffington has to say, but this piece is timely. Keeping up with every new development and feeling the accompanying feelings is just… overwhelming. Here’s how to break the cycle.

Macron the Maverick, Project Syndicate
Unplugging from the news is easier said that done – this commentary, about a candidate in the French presidential election, brings some interesting insight into the mix. ‘A Macron victory could launch a counter-trend to the populism that is sweeping the globe, by giving hope to all who are sympathetic to the left or right, but anxious about populism and hyper-nationalism.’

MoMA’s Ingenious Anti-Trump, Pro-Muslim Art Protest, Bluin Artinfo
Yet another reminder that resistance can come in many forms, and we all have


Saw this 2012 film about the campaigns leading up to the 1988 referendum on whether or not Pinochet should remain in power. It raises some especially timely questions about advertising and voter targeting.

Obama’s EPA Chief On The U.S. And Climate Change, On Point with Tom Ashbrook
I thought this was an especially insightful interview with Gina McCarthy, who speaks eloquently on the non-partisan importance of the EPA and what might be coming next.


Love is in the Air! What to Do in Athens on Valentine’s Day
My most recent writing for the TravelPorter – just a little cheesy.

+Preparing some travelogue + book review posts, coming soon!


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