My camera goes with me almost everywhere – I’m the one that chooses a heavy shoulder bag over semi-decent posture to make sure I’m prepared to capture anything I might come across. This was mostly this case while I lived in Athens last year, and I chronicled my life in the city through a daily photo blog Athens Photo-a-Day.

Having an iPhone helps too – you can also find me on Instagram.


Here, I will collect posts from this blog that are relatively photo heavy, organised geographically.


Chios – Perleas Mansion, Pyrgi, Mesta, OlympoiOuzo by the Sea, Memories, An Olive Branch, Rust, Sea & SkyAghios Minas, KataraktisTunnel Vision, Cracks, Preservation, Antiquity, Cats of Chios

Naxos – Naxos

Athens – Acropolis (& here)June 2012 Election Rally, After Riots in February 2012, Athens Life, Athens by iPhone, Athens in June, A Seaside Adventure, Athens in July, Athens in August

(also see my now retired blog Athens Photo-a-Day)

Marathon – Marathon

Tinos – 2011: Tinos Illustrated, More of the Island, 2013: Tinos Pomegranates, Exombourgo, Volax, Outside Volax, Dovecotes, Ktikados, Taramabados, Pyrgos Cats, IsterniaTexture

Epidavros – Epidavros, Slant, Pastoral, Agnountos Monastery, Ancient, EpidavrosAgia Marina, Lygourio



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