The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking, NYTimes
I actually read this article a few weeks ago thanks to our shiny new NYTimes digital subscription (hooray independent journalism!), enjoyed it, nodded along emphatically, and then promptly forgot it. I just rediscovered it today, and am glad I did. Maybe nothing groundbreaking, but a good reminder that there’s no need to spend so much time overthinking.

read this if you feel like time is running out for you
A gentle reminder in the same vein as the NYTimes piece above. ‘The pace of a life is not a reflection of its substance.’

12 Books to Read in Your 20s, NYTimes
Why not add to the ever-growing ‘to-read’ pile? This list includes some I’ve heard of and some totally new ones. The only ones I can already cross off are Persepolis (though it deserves a second reading), Beloved and half of Catch-22. Where to start..? (Apparently 1984 is also ‘a 2017 must-read‘).

A Greek tragedy: how much can one nation take?, FT
“Everything is getting worse. Next year will be more so. Old people will die. Young people will not stay. We need help.” Heard throughout Greece, with no sign of letting up.

Beyond Lying: Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Reality, NYTimes
An alarming but very resonant piece that urges us to get past the ‘truth/lie dichotomy and watch out for the authoritarian fondness for attempting to redefine reality. Pairs well with this piece by Masha Gessen, a Russia expert who knows a thing or two about authoritarianism: Autocracy: Rules for Survival.

A Vermont Town In The Eye Of The Refugee Resettlement Storm, npr
I had no idea that little Rutland, Vermont had become involved in the controversy over refugee settlement. The city’s mayor (with Greek grandparents) wanted the city to become a host for Syrians, seeing opportunities for growth. Maybe the Greek villages should watch carefully and see if they can learn something about reviving dying communities?


This is sweet and uplifting – Obama narrates the origins of the ‘Fired up! Ready to go!’ chant.

This is heartbreaking – the Oscar-nominated documentary short by Daphne Matziaraki, depicting just one day of the refugee crisis & the island of Lesvos. A must-see in the truest sense.


On Point’s 100 Day Spotlight Kickoff

The Revolution Starts at Noon, This American Life

Bombshell, foreign policy & security by War on the Rocks

Suitably wintery, suitably rainy, but not too dreary.

Me, Elsewhere

Greeks And The Refugee Problem – research study by diaNEOsis, translated by me.

The language ‘question’ and the refugee crisis, Solomon (check them out!), translated by me.

11 Surprising Facts to Get Inspired by Ancient Greece, theTravelPorter