Musings, thoughts and books – these things take up rather a lot of my life, and it’s only fitting they have a bit of space on my blog as well.

  • From Greece

Greece Says ‘No’

Eat the Rich – My Take on the Greek Crisis, and the Case for the Defense

Scenes of Athens the Next Day – pictures after the riots 12 February

A Greek Tragedy?

A Stormy Outlook for Greece

The Devil You Know or the Devil You Don’t

Not All Doom and Gloom

In March 2012, some of my Greek students wrote ‘Letters to the Editor’ about their perception of contemporary life in Greece – these are some excerpts ‘the majority of Greek people is blameless,’ ‘Greece deserves help,’ ‘the Greeks have been misrepresented,’ ‘we will overcome this crisis,’ ‘please do not humiliate our country’ ‘help us stand on our own feet,’ ‘Greece will find a way to overcome,’ ‘Greece has a positive side,’ ‘the Greek civilisation also has a bright side,’ ‘we deserve another chance,’ ‘A new image has appeared in Athens..’ ‘Greeks are inventive and hard-working,’ ‘it seems catastrophic here in Greece,’ and ‘the issue is not violence but misery’ 

  • From England

Exam Stress

On Libraries

On Royalty

  • My writing has also been featured in Portes Magazines where I am a regular contributor.

Platia Agias Eirinis (Saint Eirini Square)

Best Ice Cream in Athens

Exploring Athens: Ancient Sites

Review of No Man’s Land

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