Saying ‘I love to travel’ seems like kind of an obvious statement. I’ve lived between the US,  Cambridge, Athens, Edinburgh and Athens again. I think, however, there is something in me that goes beyond your average spring-break-seeking voyager.

I blame my parents – when I was 4 months old they took me to Greece (via London) so my grandparents could see their new grandchild. I like to think it was at this point my love for both countries became inevitable.

Still, I think ‘travel’ doesn’t quite express my approach to the world – I think it’s more appropriate to say I love to explore. Sure, far away and exotic destinations are great, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit a fair few, but I’m just as happy driving down remote country roads or poking around an overlooked corner of my hometown. At the same time, the whole idea of ‘hometown’ has become somewhat of a… theoretical concept for me. One I wouldn’t trade for anything!

In this section I collect posts about my various destinations.


Parthenon and Acropolis, September 2011 – Part 1Part 2

Spetses, September 2011 – Part 1Part 2, Part 3Part 4

Tinos, September 2011 – Part 1Part 2Part 3

Tinos, September 2013Part 1, Exombourgo, Volax, Outside Volax, Ktikados, Tarambados, Dovecotes, Isternia, Pyrgos, Pyrgos Cats

Marathon, October 2011 – Marathon

Naxos, April 2012 – Naxos

Chios, October 2011Perleas Mansion, Pyrgi, Agios Minas, Mesta, Olympoi, Chios Cats

Epidavros, May 2013 – Agnountos Monastery, Ancient Epidavros, Agia Marina, Lygourio

Spetses, October 2013 – Travelogue: Spetses

Sounio, June 2014A Seaside Adventure

Tinos, Summer 2014Travelogue: Tinos Town & Porto



Atlanta, March 2011Hotlanta, Edible Atlanta

Vermont, March 2011 – The Green Mountain State, Part One, Part Two

Philadelphia, May 2011The Grind.

Pittsburgh, August 2011The Burgh, Part One, Part Two

Vermont, August 2011Family Adventures

Vermont, August 2013 – Lake Dunmore, Lake Dunmore in Black & White, Mount Horrid, Snake Mountain


Lavenham, February 2011 – Retrospective:Lavenham

London with Mummy, March 2011Mummy!Monday Monday

Women’s Head of the River Race, March 2011WeHoRR

The Boat Race, March 201180-76

The Royal Wedding, April 2011Part 1, Part 2

Cambridge, May 2014Cambridge Sights


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