The End.. ish

So, Lent Term is officially over tomorrow. I’ve been so caught up in just getting there in one piece that I haven’t quite realised that this is my last non-exam term in Cambridge. Yikes. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready to reflect on it quite yet. For one thing, I’m not finished.

My day today has been nonstop (probably my favourite kind of day actually). At the boathouse at 7.30, straight to a very quick breakfast in hall, straight to two supervisions back to back. Stopped to pump up my bike tyres and buy some grapes from the market (yes, very random), met a friend for coffee, library, gym for weights, and now here I am!

There are a couple of things about this day that have made me happy.

1. An early outing! By this point in term, I am rather sleepy most of the time, so getting up at 6 something isn’t hugely appreciated. Once I’m up and on the river though, it’s quite lovely. Plus, the days are getting longer so it is actually light when I get up. Nothing like making one’s way to the boathouse in the dark..

2. Coffee with friends. Always good to catch up.

3. Weights session. I know this sounds kind of weird, but earlier in term we (my crew) started doing weekly weights sessions in the college gym, and I’m really enjoying them! I’m still not really accustomed to thinking of myself as an athlete in any sense, and strength training makes me feel powerful! Plus, I’ve been having some weird knee/hamstring issue for quite a while now, and the trainer gave me some exercises and things which have already make it feel better! I’m encouraged.

4. My lunch! I splurged in Sainsbury’s yesterday and went on a healthy food kick. I was very proud of the lunch I managed to concoct today.

Spinach, broccoli, Greek olives (all the way from Greece!), and pearl barley, which I ‘cooked’ by soaking it in hot water, since I don’t have a stove top.. Om nom nom!

Bedtime now, 7 o’clock at the boathouse tomorrow!


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