The Greek Bakaliko


In the outskirts of Athens, somewhere off the highway, there is a small town with a church. Next to that church was a little shop, one of a dying breed known as the ‘bakaliko.’ The traditional bakaliko was a sort of general store – with bulk goods to meet most shoppers’ needs. Grains, dried goods, coffee, spices, tins of everything, cheese, olives, etc. Something like this photo. In the era of the modern supermarket of course, such shops have suffered, and this one closed last year. During a stopover though, the man who keeps the keys for the church next door offered to unlock the old bakaliko so we could look inside. Though it doesn’t have its merchandise, what was left still provided a glimpse into its fading past.







Travelogue: Tinos Town & Porto


Tinos, again? Yes indeed. After bombarding you with photos of my ‘happy place’ defined as Lake Dunmore, Vermont, I’m switching it up to share yet more of my other happy place. This island. By now I have no idea how many times I’ve been, but its proximity to Athens and (obviously) my aunt’s house there (hi Aunt Laurie!) make it a dependable place for a getaway. I’ve been twice this summer for quick trips and will share a few pictures. Starting with a helpful map! 20140804-180115-64875409.jpg

As I described in an earlier post, the port town of the island is home to the Panagia Evangelistria Church, which can just be seen at the top of the hill.


Perhaps my favourite thing to do upon arrival in Tinos is head, straight from the ferry, to the southeast side of the island (‘Porto’ on the little map at the top of the post) for swimming and food. This is the area we stayed on our first visit to the island 25 years ago, and where I began a lifelong love affair with the sea, at six months old. 20140804-180114-64874569.jpg

Plus, Antonis’s Taverna is always worth a stop – local artichokes, an island speciality, beets, and skordalia, the best garlicky spread. (More food came later, not to worry).


20140804-180112-64872419.jpgNothing better than toes in the sand!


P.S. Lots more Tinos posts can be found in my Travel index and by checking out the tag ‘Tinos’. From now on, I’m going to be posting some ‘Travelogue’ posts where I share actual travel adventures, not just photos. I hope you like!


Classic Tinos


Starting off this month with a new blog design – what do you think? Now that I’m finishing up my Masters dissertation, I’m thinking about what direction this humble blog will take. I’m thinking some more regular features, more writing (at least, more writing balanced with photos), and maybe some travel guide type posts? Feedback appreciated – thank you for reading!